Military Paintball Guns

Military Paintball Guns

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Brand Name: JG Works, Jing Gong, Fuxing, Jin Gong
Original: Fujian Province China
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MOQ: 30 pieces
Type: Paintball Gun
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Product Details

Product Description: military paintball guns

Specification of military paintball guns

Caliber: 0.68cm  AK47 Replica

Powered: CO2

Shooting: Semi-Automatic

Velocity:  >300fps (Adjustable)

Effective Range: 50m; Max:100m

Advantage of military paintball guns

High precision:R10~15cm  err f 20~30m  distance

Real gun parts: magazine, stock, handguard  etc.

Double Safety:AK Safety Switch/ Trigger safety

Packing of military paintball guns

Unit Length:86.5CM

Unit Weight:3.2KGS

Box Size(CM):93*25.5*7

Box Weight:3.6KGS

CTN Size(CM):94*26*16

CTN Weight:8.0KGS


CTN/20 Container:780CTNS

The history of military paintball guns

To start with, you need to determine how much money you intend to invest in a marker. As you know, playing paintball is not a cheap hobby because there are so many things to consider. You need proper equipment before you head on the field to play. This equipment includes protection and, of course, a paintball gun. Therefore, it is important that you stick to your budget and it is not advisable to invest all your money on a gun because you need protection and additional equipment before you are allowed to play on a paintball field. Your best option is to select a marker that is well within your budget range so that you can have a little extra to invest in other accessories and protection.

There are other key factors to bear in mind, such as what type of paintball you intend to play and most of all, what kind of gun fits your needs. US Army paintball guns are known to deliver exactly what they advertise. Current owners are thrilled with its accuracy and performance on the field and you can be assured that if you invest in any of the US Army items above, you will end up with a top-rated unit. All the paintball guns listed above are of superb quality and suits both beginners and advanced paintball players.

Attention of military paintball guns

Please pay attention: you would probably be hurt because of carelessness or shooting mistake.

1. Make sure to wear protection glasses while shooting or playing game. Please don't train on people.

2. Please don't train the gun on people or animals. Please cover the muzzle with the safe lid, if you are not shooting.

3. Those who shoot mischievously or train the gun on people or animals will probably be punished by law.

4. Your eyes will be hurt if the bullets shoots your eyes by chance, it is very dangerous. So don't look close to the muzzle at any time.

5. Shoot casually will cause great danger, so please shoot before you take away the lid, and aim at the object.

6. The muzzle should bot train on people or animals or any where that would cause danger. Please cover the lid except shooting.

7. Those places where there are people or transportation are not allowed to shoot.

8. While carrying the paintball gun, make sure the muzzle is tightly covered by the lid, and should be put in the bag or box.

9. Please put it in the bag or box with the safe lid covered while not using it. And make sure to keep it out of the touch of kids that below

10. Cover the muzzle with the safe lid. Attach the sticky paper to anywhere that is possible to conduct shooting. Please take away the ballistic box.

11. Don't pull the trigger expect you want to shoot. It is very danger if pull trigger because of spring.

12. The dismantlement of the gun body would easily cause trouble, incident, which is really dangerous. So please don't dismantle the gun body.

Application of military paintball guns

Troops Training

Indoor shooting

combat drill program

a sham battle

military maneuver

CS shooting

Outdoor Sports Games

Shipping and payment of military paintball guns

MOQ: 30 pieces.

Bulk lead time: 60 days.

Delivery Clause: EXW Zhangzhou or FOB Xiamen


1. Good quality

2. Durable in use

Mould: existing mould

Sample: Sample order is accepted, the freight and the sample cost are in buyer's account

Payment terms: 30% deposit and the balance before shipment

Price: Best price available

Picture of military paintball guns


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