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Fujian Fuxing Industry Paintball Marker Co. Ltd is specialized in producing all kinds of civilian air guns, airsoft guns, paintball marker and guns accessories.

Combines the research, development, production and sales departments. The company obtained the civilian guns (ammunition) manufacturing license since 2001; In 2005, obtained the export license which approved by the national defense science, technology and industry committee. After the capital increase between the Fujian Fuxing Industry Paintball Marker Co. Ltd and Fujian Fuguang Investment Co., Ltd in 2014, company owned two well-known brand“FUXING” and“JG WORKS”(JING GONG).

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Company Culture

Innovation is the sources of an enterprise’s life, Innovation is to create new value!

Company History

In April 2001, Fujian Fuxing Industry Paintball Marker Co. Ltd (here in after referred to "Paintball Marker Company") approved by the fujian provincial


In 2005, got the export license approved by the national defense science, technology and industry committee (license number 201520, valid date till 31th December, 2018)。

Enterprise actuality

The paintball marker company is specialized in manufacture all kinds of civilian air guns and paintball markers, the state-owned military industrial enterprise which combined with research and development, production and sales.

Analysis of investment value

The company have the leading position in the same domestic industry about the civilian guns products’ research and development, product varieties and production scale etc.


Classic Research and Technology Team

The company has a professional team of breeding and research efforts, market-oriented, timely research and breed first-class products.

Developing Works

Quality is the responsibility of each individual on the development team, but it is also the responsibility of the team as a whole.


Sincere services: according to principle that "Customer is god", provide good services to customers before, during and after sales and keep improve customer satisfaction.


Collectively, these grants seek to drive down costs while improving quality and developing new product-making techniques.

After- Sales Service

We pursue the perfect product quality, we also focus on "satisfactory level" of service standards, make every effort to pre-, during and after work.

Return- Marketing Works

You may produce and give away more &more New Products and people will come back not only for new things but you will still get a lot of hits from search engines to your old products.


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