Soft Ballistic Gun

Soft Ballistic Gun

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Brand Name: JG Works, Jing Gong, Fuxing, Jin Gong
Original: Fujian Province China
Logo Printing: available
Customize: ODM & OEM available
MOQ: 30 pieces
Type: Airsoft Rifle
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Product Details

Product Description:soft ballistic gun

Specification of soft ballistic gun

Model NO.


Model Name


Overall Length




Barrel Length


Magazine Capacity




Battery (NiMh)

8.4V, 1100mAh

Shot Mode




Advantage of soft ballistic gun

use 0.2g 6mm BB bullet, High Capacity, Excellent quality, Full size, High simulation.

Design Detail of soft ballistic gun

Add rifle scope and tripod on the basis of No. 376.

The history of soft ballistic gun

The real gun of the M70 was the Remington Weapons Company's launch of the Remington 700 hunting gun in 1962, the use of a rotating rear revolver, and a central magazine magazine (with 3, 4 and 5 magazine versions). With different sights and a variety of butts, some versions can be equipped with a bipod and a detachable magazine.

Remington used the excellent performance of Remington 700 to develop a series of specialized sniper rifles. The US military also saw the precision of Remington 700 and developed a military sniper rifle based on Remington 700. Such as the Marine Corps M40A1 and the Army's M24SWS. In addition, several gun manufacturers also used the Remington 700's bolt system when developing game rifles or sniper rifles.

Attention of soft ballistic gun

It is for you to enjoy the fun of shooting that this soft ballistic gun is made. Various kinds of guns have their own features, so you should have sound comprehension before you enjoy the fun of safe shooting. The BB ballets can fly a distance of 50-60m. If it is not properly used, there would be some risks. So you have to read the instructions carefully before using it, and strictly follow them while using it, and then, you can enjoy the fun of shooting.


Always read it before operation.

1.  Always use precision BB bullets for this Airsoft gun. Never use any used BB bullets.

2.  Do not look directly into the gun barrel should a BB accidentally be shot off.

3.  Never aim or shoot at people or animals. Always set the selector lever on 'SAFE' position except when you are ready to shoot at a target

4.  Never shoot holding the Airsoft gun sideways as the BB pellets will curve. (This is due to the Hop-up system.)

5.  Select a safe place when using your Airsoft gun, avoid public places.

6.  Do not disassemble the Airsoft gun yourself. Always contact your local retailer.

7.  Always wear safety goggles when using your Airsoft gun.

8.  When transporting your Airsoft gun, always set the selector lever on 'safe', and place the Airsoft gun in a case or bag. And make sure to keep the Airsoft gun out of the touch of kids that below 10.

Application of soft ballistic gun

Troops Training

Indoor shooting

combat drill program

a sham battle

military maneuver

CS shooting

Outdoor Sports Games

Shipping and payment of soft ballistic gun

MOQ: 30 pieces.

Packing: color box packing, 4 or 6 pieces airsoft gun in one carton.

Bulk lead time: 60 days.

Delivery Clause: EXW Zhangzhou or FOB Xiamen


1. Good quality

2. High Simulation

3. Match the size of real Gun

4. Durable in use

Mould: existing mould

Sample: Sample order is accepted, the freight and the sample cost are in buyer's account

Payment terms: 30% deposit and the balance before shipment

Price: Best price available

Picture of soft ballistic gun


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