Gas Powered Airsoft Rifles

Gas Powered Airsoft Rifles

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Original: Fujian Province China
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Type: Airsoft Gun

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Product Details

Product Description: gas powered airsoft rifles

Specification of gas powered airsoft rifles

Model NO.



Model Name



Overall Length

785mm/672mm (Stock Folded)

785mm/672mm (Stock Folded)


2855g(Including Battery)

3166g(Including Battery)

Barrel Length



Outer Barrel



Magazine Capacity







9.6V, 1100mAh (NiMh)

9.6V, 1100mAh (NiMh)

Material of Gear Box



Material of Gun Body



Shot Mode



Shot Rate





Detail Changed

Change RIS hand guard, remove the handle, install the battery handle, add rear sight

Advantage of gas powered airsoft rifles

use 0.2g 6mm BB bullet, High Capacity, excellent quality, high simulation

The history of gas powered airsoft rifles

The Real Gun M4 is a rifle developed by Colt that is primarily designed with a new flat-top case cover to mount a modular sighting system. March 1991 XM4 was formally named "United States 5.56mm North Atlantic Treaty Organization caliber M4 carbine." The most obvious distinguishing feature of the M4 carbine from the other CAR-15s is the fact that the barrel has a constricted shape 25 mm from the quasi-constellation, which was later experimented with for the M203 grenade launcher Changes. M4 carbine also had only two fixed-length telescopic stock to 4 fixed positions, and later changed to 6.

August 1994, the flat-top M4 officially named "5.56mm caliber M4A1 carbine" (Caliber 5.56mm, M4A1). M4A1 is a sub-variant of the M4 rifle, the main improvement is to change the original fixed handle can be installed with different targeting devices M1913 rail - that flat top type case, in addition M4A1 shooting mode is semi-automatic and fully automatic. M4A1 has a lauded range, strong lethality and high rate of fire.

Attention of gas powered airsoft rifles

This soft ballistic gun is installed with 6mm BB ballets which can shoot in a distance of 50-60M, While using this gun, you have to concern all kinds of risks, make sure to use it in a absolute safe condition.

1. While playing games, please make sure the safe condition where the BB ballets may possibly reach, Make sure the security of that those who don't wear protection glasses or the spectators.

2. The muzzle should not be directed at glass, bulb, fluorescent lamp, or house machine, tea set, or plate, furniture, gas bottle etc. Because of the danger cause by broken.

3. Except BB ballets nothing can be put into ballistic box and shooting machine.

4. The finger can insert into certain spot according to the shape of gun, but please don't put your finger into the gap of the gun body.

5. Make sure the gun is place in those place where is not easy to fall, and should be out of the reach of the kids below 10. What's more, in order to prevent the naughty kids, the muzzle should be covered with safe lid, and should be put in bag or box.

6. When you follow the right ways(according to the instruction), but still can shoot BB bullets, or when you can repair because of the breakdown caused by the getting old, or the fall down caused by the wrong operation, please send to the store where you get it or mail it to to have it repaired.

7. If you operate properly, it can conduct 3000 rounds of bullets, and the accessories can be replaced. If you can't do it, that means there is something wrong in it. Please send it to the store where you get it or mail it to have it examined or change the parts.

Application of gas powered airsoft rifles

War Game

Shooting Training

Outdoor Sports Games

CS shooting

Shipping and payment of gas powered airsoft rifles

MOQ: 50 pieces.

Packing: color box packing, 4 or 6 pieces airsoft gun in one carton.

Bulk lead time: 60 days.

Delivery Clause: EXW Zhangzhou or FOB Xiamen


1. Good quality

2. High Simulation

3. Match the size of real Gun

4. Durable in use

Mould: existing mould

Sample: Sample order is accepted, the freight and the sample cost are in buyer's account

Payment terms: 30% deposit and the balance before shipment

Price: Best price available

Picture of gas powered airsoft rifles


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