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Using Liquid Carbon Dioxide As A Driving Force
- Mar 27, 2018 -

The percussion device used in the exercise is to use liquid carbon dioxide gas as the driving force, it releases a certain amount of liquid carbon dioxide from the gas tank each time it is fired, and the liquid carbon dioxide turns into an inflated gas in an instant so that the paintball is launched to reach the target of shooting. The paintball is made of gelatin, which is full of non-corrosive, A colored small sphere of water-soluble, biodegradable edible dyes.

Its diameter is 0.43 inches (11.1 mm). The shell and liquid contents of paintball can be naturally decomposed into nutrients by soil and plants, which are environmentally friendly.   

Therefore, it has no harm or adverse effect on the natural environment. Protective equipment is the most important safety and security key in the campaign. Because paintball has a certain impact after shooting, and the eye is the most vulnerable parts of the human body, in order to ensure the safety of the movement, participants must wear a safety mask, the mask should have a good visual angle and clarity, no matter when the paintball hit or run, the masks will not be crushed and fall off, and to protect the overall department, Temples and so on, it also has double protective lenses and fog-proof function. Protective equipment mainly has special competition clothing, camouflage, protective vests, shoes, hats and so on.

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