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Three Men With Air Guns Hunting, Prey Are State-level Protection Of Animals
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Three men with air guns hunting, prey are state-level protection of animals.

August 20, 2011, Zhong County Police in Jinji town back to the Dragon River seized a car inside there are doves, white crane and more than 10 protection of animals, and found 3 high-pressure air guns and more than 400 rounds of bullets, the suspect Chiang a police spot control. The suspect Chiang MoU, the same day he and Deng MoU, Zhu from Liangping County, carrying high-pressure air gun to Zhong County Golden Rooster Town back to the Dragon River hunting and illegal possession of high-pressure air gun crime facts. After identification, the 3 high-pressure air guns for metal gun body, wooden butt, not only the appearance and the real gun is no different, can also launch lead bombs, the human body has lethality. The suspect, Chiang, was detained on suspicion of illegally possessing firearms and killing State protection animals.

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