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The Origin Of The Shooting Movement Of A Special Stroke
- Mar 27, 2018 -

In the 1960s, American Charlie Neilson (Charlie NELSON) was the first person to use a percussion device and paintball to shoot at a tree or animal in the village, which means that the trees should be isolated from the animals that have been harvested or run sick.

The method of sending paintball from cars, trucks, or horseback is not only more efficient but more secure than the old method of marking by hand. There is another "Survivor game" (Suruival GAME) that has already been launched in the United States. This kind of game is a few people to rob one side to be guarded by the flag. Protect Bannermen as long as the hand touches bannermen, then motioned to Rob Bannermen was hit, so should exit the game venue. Finally, whoever takes the flag without being touched is the survivor. 1981 American Bob Gurnsey and Charles Caines the first to combine paintball with the survivor game, which is the origin of the current campaign.

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