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The Basic Information Of The Beats
- Mar 27, 2018 -

 Bo Sports is the paintball campaign, the 80 's originated in the United States, also known as field games, survival games, simulation wars. In just a few decades, the campaign has been popular in Europe and the United States and even the world, now in the domestic tourist attractions and major small and medium-sized cities flourish. The pace of modern working life is accelerating, people are overloaded for a long time, this kind of excessive fatigue greatly damage people's physical and mental health, and set confrontation, competition in one, dissolve stimulation, vent in a furnace of the paintball campaign to meet the needs of people's psychological decompression, as far as possible to achieve the participants as a child " Officers and men to catch robbers "childhood dream, let a person savor adventure, tension, shock, challenge, pain, frustration, fear, frustration, excitement, excited, strong.

It is of great significance to strengthen physique, raise national defense consciousness, cultivate people's wit, flexibility, courage, decisiveness, agile thinking and strengthen teamwork spirit, improve cohesion, combat effectiveness and self-confidence.

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