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Safety Information For A Special Stroke
- Mar 27, 2018 -

 Safety Guarantee: Paintball is a near misses of the military activities, but as with many sports activities have a more stringent "rules of the game" need everyone to comply, because the paintball gun has greater pressure, 8 meters within the prohibition of shooting to the human body, and protective masks are absolutely not removed in the firing process, as long as you remember these two, Make sure you're safe.

In addition, due to the terrain fluctuations, it is best to wear tourist sports shoes, easy to move, to prevent sprain. The concept of betting bombs: Paintball is made of gelatin and glycerin capsules, in the water soluble paste gel, the shape of Red cherry, hit out of the paintball will burst, leaving the blood of the bullet, the effect is very lifelike. If accidentally contaminated with clothing, just rinse with water. Gelatin, glycerin in the role of microorganisms can be completely natural decomposition, so it has no harmful effects on the natural environment.

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