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Competition Rules/Special Beats
- Mar 27, 2018 -

1, referees are the core personnel who control and guarantee the safety of the game in the field, and must be conscientious and impartial in accordance with the rules.

2. The referee should explain the use rules of the percussion device and mask in detail before entering the venue, as well as the safety rules and rules of the referee. 

3, the referee should wear the referee clothing and color vest, special color mask, whistle and clean eye Heqing the tool used to swab the barrel.And with the game constantly moving position to ensure the correct outcome. 

4, referees use the referee whistle is the important tool that directs the game, the whistle for the match is as follows: A long whistle begins again after the start of the game or after a pause; two consecutive whistles indicate that the game is suspended, the contestants are not allowed to shoot, and the position is not moved until the whistle is heard again.Three consecutive whistle indicates that the game time has arrived, all participants stop shooting, out of the ambush location, with the referee entered the specified area to end the explanation.

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