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Beijing Avantgarde Sports Development Center
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Beijing Avant-garde sports development Center is approved by the Ministry of Public Security for the national campaign to promote the management body.

(The approval text number is: public politics [1993]234 number, public body [1994]2 number) is the professional development and operation of the sports enterprise of the Special campaign by the Chinese avant-garde and the Beijing Hong Yun Group. 1994, the Beijing Avantgarde Sports Development Center took the lead in Beijing Wanfang Pavilion Park, the first to set up a national sports arena, and by creating the domestic sports professionals full-time operation. The stadium uses professional equipment imported from the United States, with sandbags, masks, posts, lookout stations, such as simulation of military facilities and the collective confrontation between people shooting, shooting and other sports items. The playground not only provides people with a confrontation, competition in one, melting safety, stimulation in a furnace of sports and leisure venues, while promoting the national campaign to establish the first model field.

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