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The principle of the air gun
- Mar 27, 2018 -

In the Hard gun, there is also a continuous semi-automatic shooting.

The pneumatic gun uses a technique called "auto-return", which uses the remaining pressure from the BB projectile to reload. Unlike the Hard gun, which relies on spring power, the Hard gun is no longer dependent on a spring-compressed gas, but has a separate space for storing compressed gases, usually called cylinders. Cylinders are generally made of metal and have compressed gases.

The size of the cylinders varies according to the size of the gun.

Soft air gun power: Pistol class firing speed of 70 meters to 120 meters per second, rifle firing rate of 90 meters to 150 meters per second.

In recent years, some military enthusiasts have spontaneously organized a team game that is equipped with a soft air gun, which is generally called "Survival game".

Wear the clothing of various countries, wear professional protective equipment, put into the "battlefield" in the heroic "kill", like the real war in the real reappearance of the ... in fact, this is just a game, this simulation of the survival of war games, professional players call it "war Game."

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