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The design principle of BB gun
- Mar 27, 2018 -

There are several different designs for air guns, and the main difference is that the sources are different: In the air tyre design, you need to manually pump air to accumulate compressed gas. The movable joystick at the bottom of the gun can move small pistons in the windpipe. There is a check valve inside the trachea that allows airflow to flow but cannot be returned. In this way, every time a gun is pumped into the air, the air in the gas tank is increased, and the volume of the gas storage device is fixed.

The density and pressure of air will increase with each pump pressure as the mass increases with the volume unchanged. Another common system is the design of spring compressed gas. In this type of gun, the "pump" lever pushes a small piston backwards, which compresses the spring behind it. When the piston slips back, it is locked by a small spring-driven latch, which revolves around a small rod, usually called a machine spring, which keeps the spring in a compressed state by fixing the piston. After pulling the trigger, the machine spring will be pushed to leave the original position. When the piston is released, the spring will stretch and push the piston forward.

This will quickly compress the air inside the BB rear chamber, thus obtaining the pressure needed to push it along the barrel.

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