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Precautions for use of BB gun
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Precautions for use of BB gun 

1. Be sure to wear goggles when you play a gun: When a bullet is fired, you must be careful to bounce it off in a game of survival or any other occasion. No matter the shooter himself or anyone else must wear protective gear such as goggles. (Please be very careful!)

Beware of a third party outside the participant who is hit by a bullet 

2. The muzzle can not be arbitrarily pointed to people or animals: please do not use air soft gun to target or even shoot people or animals, in addition to shooting targets, please set on the muzzle of the condom. 

3. Joking can also be sanctioned by law: even if it is just a joke, it is possible to commit a crime of mutilation or injury if the public finances or other people's property club and the damage caused by the shooting of a person or creature can cause injury. 

4. Muzzle standing protection cover: In case of avoidance, avoid fire, and dust and other purposes, the muzzle and other time to be sure to put on the protective cover (also please do not put the trigger in the case of a protective sleeve) 

5. In any case not to peep at the muzzle: whether or not the gun is loaded with bullets, it is absolutely not 

BB bombs if hit to the eye most serious can cause blindness is very dangerous!! 

6. Do not pull the trigger: The trigger is very dangerous things, in addition to have removed the protective sleeve and aim at the target time, please do not let the finger to touch the trigger! 

7. Muzzle should always be in the direction of safety: the muzzle to avoid pointing to people or animals or other dangerous direction, in addition to shooting targets, please be sure to install a protective sleeve at the muzzle.

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