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Introduction to Paintball Gun
- Mar 27, 2018 -

The main instrument that the paintball PAINTBALL must talk about first is Paintmark

Paintball Gun

Paintball Gun ER, and how did Paintmarker come? Its predecessor is a kind of pneumatic anesthesia gun, use is to pasture narcotic cattle, will be separated from treatment or culling, but anesthesia injections can not be used in the usual practice, once you want to make use of narcotic animals and fear marksmanship, so with the inside of the ball, color pigments,

As the best way to practice marksmanship in peacetime. But the fixed target is different from the animals that are alive and kicking, so the development of the shooting sport, sport-style paintball game and still different, is the referee in some livestock arm tag, and then by the contestants with PAINTBALL aimed at hundreds of livestock, the fastest speed to find tagged cattle, accurate hit, To win.

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