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How to use BB gun
- Mar 27, 2018 -

How to use BB gun 

1. No matter whether a gun is loaded or not, it is not possible to point at any person or animal.

(Prevent false strike) 

2. Never pull the trigger on the finger until the launch time. (Golden Finger) 

3. After the shooting must be removed from the gas and bullets, it is best to take off the magazine. (Bullet separation) 

4. The gun should be kept in order to keep children out of touch. 

5. When shooting, you should be careful to jump bullets hurt yourself, and must wear goggles. 

6. You cannot peep at the muzzle. Also note: Some of the incidents, such as shooting a car or shooting at a public facility such as a park streetlight, may be guilty of injury or vandalism.

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