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Development history and introduction of pneumatic gun
- Mar 27, 2018 -

The development of pneumatic gun has undergone many stages and changes.

In the last more than 10 years, there is a use of electric power of the air gun, the power of the earlier use of compressed gas gun small, its characteristics are not compressed gas temperature season limit, and because the use of electricity, no storage of compressed gas containers, but also let the air gun more environmentally friendly, more simulation of the shape.

Field Introduction/Air Bomb gun editor Wear camouflage fatigues, with professional protective goggles, into the "battlefield" in the heroic "kill", like the real war in the real reappearance of the ... in fact, this is only a field, this simulation of the survival of war games, professional players call it the war game.

This kind of nervous stimulation game is now popular in Foshan. Only young people participate in field operations? That is not the case. It is reported that Foshan has from 16-year-old students to more than 60-Year-old retired, such as many of the field fans, 16-40-Year-old Young family is the main force to young white-collar majority. In the eyes of many players, field is not only a game: fresh, tense, but also vigorous movement. In addition, it is close to nature and can also exercise strong physique in the intense exercise.

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