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Air Guns BB Guns
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Airsoft guns are also known as "BB guns", competitive toys. Its appearance is based on the appearance of various weapons and varies in size. Models of imitation weapons such as: "MP5" In germany, "M4a1", "M1911" In the united states, "Ak47" In russia, "Galile" In israel, etc. Mainly used for field games, war exercises, etc.

The projectile is a spherical object called bb. The bb is generally made of hard plastic (typically 6mm in diameter and a few in 8mm). The bb is called a soft air gun. No lethality. There are also bb bombs (usually 4.5mm in diameter) that are wrapped in a soft metal sheath, called a hard air gun, which has a certain lethality. There are 1.2g (g), 2.0g bb bombs.

The 0.125g bb bomb is a very common bb bomb that is cheap, fragile and easily blown by the wind. The 0.25g bb bomb is very stable.

Gas Powered Airsoft Rifles

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